If it’s time to move out of your apartment or house into a new home, or move your things into storage while you wait on the closing date for your new home, you’re in the right place!

We, along with most other moving companies generally charge by the hour for our local residential moving service. (The moving business is somewhat seasonal so the rates are as follows)-

Our basic local moving service rate is $75/hr. February 1-October 15th

Our basic local moving service rate is $70/hr. October 16th-January 31st.

The time starts when we open our truck at your home and ends when the truck is unloaded at your new location.

what’s Included?

Our local moving service includes the following:

  • A Box Truck. The size of the truck we bring will depend on the size of your move.

  • Two Movers.

  • Blanket Wrap Service.

  • Tools. Basic tools include power drill, wrenches, screw drivers, bits and pliers.

  • Dollies/Hand Trucks.

  • Wratchet Straps. This will secure items in the truck.

  • Shrink Wrap.

  • Tape. This is for that box that just needs a little more tape.

How much is it for extra movers?
It costs $25/hr per extra man. If you have a time crunch or a really big move and want to speed things up, let us know ahead of time and we can add as many as you need. For example, it costs $100/hr for three men and $125/hr for four men.


Long Distance

Moving out of town is a big job and no two moves are the same, that is why we work with our customers to offer custom solutions to meet their individual needs, deadlines and requests. If you would like more information on moving out of town, give us a call today, or please take a moment to fill out our contact form below with information about your move and we will respond promptly.